Million Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh

This restaurant is a regular favourite of my tua ku (mom’s eldest brother) and his wife. They’ve decided to share it with my grandpa and got him addicted to this place as well! He loves it so much that by the time he brought us there, it was already his third visit in a week!

According to my uncle, the restaurant is Hing Hua owned. Which means that the owners descent from the Hing Hua clan, so they conversate with customers in hokkien! We were there at about 11.30am. When the clock struck 12, the place was already filled, and you could see that almost each table is having the claypot porridge!


Well, I didn’t think that the pomfret porridge was great because it was rather bland and the fish wasn’t fresh. Also it’s rather unpleasant to worry about the bones as we’re eating porridge. Would have been much better if they used fish fillets instead.


The oyster omelette was really yum though! It was packed with fresh oyster and the omelette wasn’t too wet either. We chowed this down in no time!


You have also got to try the Hing Hua style fried mee sua. The mee sua is not the regular mee sua that we use for our comfort soup. This one is a little fatter. It’s stir fried in this white sauce that kinda reminds me of sarawak kon lo mee. Totally digging the addition of peanuts btw!


Last but not least, we had the fried vermicelli which has a good amount of wok hei!

WE kinda regretted over-ordering so much food. It was just the four of us, but grandpa being the greedy one ordered 4 dishes! I guess he wanted us to not miss out any of his favourite dish! The bill came up to a hefty RM 75, which I thought was ridiculously over-priced. But oh well, we were there for a treat, and a treat was definitely what we’ve gotten!

Million Restaurant
No. 517, Jalan Tiong
3rd Mile Off Ipoh Road
51100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4041 3245


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