Club Street Social, 5 Gemmill Lane

I was in Singapore last week to celebrate dad’s early birthday. A friend of mine tweeted me that my dad was down for a plant visit. So I called dad up immediately to ask if he wanted my company and he said okay! It was his birthday that weekend but he’d be back to Shanghai by then. We baked him a cake! Probably his earliest birthday cake ever, but I hoped he enjoyed the surprise as I’ve not done anything for dad’s birthday in the longest time.

So when dad was busy going to work and attending dinners, I was left alone to make my plans. Called up all my friends and they were free to layan me! It felt so good to reunite with my Melbourne friends, catch up with Jose’s best buds (Hendro & Stef) and feast on all the delicious stuff that I couldn’t find in Malaysia.

I’ve also checked out the Gardens by the Bay! As much as I would love to share with you the pictures of it now, I thought it would be better to save it for later as I want to share with you the perfectly done scrambled eggsthat I’ve had at Club Street Social!

On my last lunch of the trip, I was ecstatic to have the company of Dro & Stef as it’s been a year since we last met. I still reminisce about the awesome Kapalai trip that we were on together! I’m so glad that we agreed to meet at Club Street Social, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to taste this amazing scrambled eggs!

Totally awesome scrambled eggs with fontina + smokey-eyed bacon!

We also got the cured ham platter to share. They gave us the blue cheese as well but I guess neither one of us was a big fan of that. I love, love, loved the ham! Couldn’t quite figure out what those thinly shredded cheese was though.

The duck confit panini was pretty dry so I wouldn’t recommend you to try that.

I’m not too sure if CSS serves all-day breakfast (though it only has about 5 items), but we were there around 12 and it was still on the menu! If you’re ever in Singapore and you’re a fan of scrambled eggs, this is the place to get your fix!

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill Lane,
+65 6225 5043

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  1. those scrambled eggs look amazing! (: hehe definitely gonna be on my list! hehe

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