Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Prem suggested for us to do something a little different besides our usual restaurant or shop hopping… so I logged on to Tripadvisor and tried to pick out the top attractions in Singapore. I was caught between the Botanical Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. Alas, we decided on the bay because it was indoors :p

There were several areas to this place but we opted for the Flower and Cloud Dome. Entrance fees for both domes were $18 (local) and $28 (foreigner). Well worth it!

I’ll just share with you guys some of the pictures that I’ve taken with my iPhone!

These supertrees are not just there to look pretty, they are actually used to collect rainwater, generate solar power and act as venting ducts for the two domes.

Prem & I

I was very happy with my choice because coincidentally, Gardens by the Bay was crowned World’s Building of the Year in the recent World Architecture Festival. I like how the building is cooled naturally! At first I thought it was air-conditioned, but as we ventured further, they explained their cooling method for the building! How environmental-friendly!

I’ve seen photos of the place at night and they are spectacular! If you have a few days to spare in Singapore, you should check this place out day and night to experience the difference! I know I’d do that for sure 🙂

  1. What iphone app are you using for your pictures? Love your gardens by the bay ones! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ve been using Instagram to edit my photos 🙂

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