AhWa Restaurant, Jalan 222, PJ

We were supposed to have dinner at My Burger Lab, but it was sardine-packed! Waiting time was estimated to be 60 mins to 75 mins. In my books, no food is worth THAT amount of wait! So we decided to hop on over to AhWa in Jalan 222 for some famous hokkien mee! This place is Bennett and Steph’s favourite and I can definitely understand why.

Hokkien Mee: Just check out how shiny and glossy the noodle is! One bite and you can taste the delicious pork oil goodness! This definitely hit the spot! The portion above is for three.

Cuttlefish with KangKung and sweet peanut sauce topped with some chilli sauce. I liked the cuttlefish, it’s different from the usual orangey ones that I always see. But I didn’t have much of this as I can’t really stomach spicy food ;(

This is so sinful but oh so yum!!! The coating has a hint of shrimp paste in it which makes it rather unique. We kinda over ordered because of some confusion with how they go about with the chicken wing count. 1 serve is actually 2 pairs of chicken wings, but Alfred tot that 1 serve meant only the drumstick+wings therefore he ordered 4 and we we ended up with 8 pairs of chicken wings!!!!!! We tried real hard to finish it but to no avail, hopefully we’ll never make the same mistake again ;(

You have got to order this sweet and sour lala. Almost every table I walked pass had a plate of this! Do you know that the smaller the clams, the nicer they are? Now you do!

AhWa Restaurant
Corner shop just behind the Shell station,
adjacent to Jalan 222,
65, Jalan 14/48,
Petaling Jaya.


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