Grand Palace Dim Sum, Pavilion

We’ve had dim sum here a couple of times and thought it was pretty okay. Well, certainly not the best, but if you’re in Pavilion and craving for dim sum, Grand Palace will satisfy that itch. On our last visit, there was a wedding going on but they were still serving dim sum for patrons like us. However, the food just wasn’t as good as usual.

First up, the roasted pork was just way too bland. The pork skin was crispy and well salted but the meat itself was just lacking in flavour.

We also ordered my usuals, siu mai, har gao & xiao long bao! I’m pretty glad that they managed to maintain the quality of these. I love how the siu mai is so fragrant with mushrooms. Also the har gao skin had just the right amount of thickness coating fresh prawns! Xiao long bao was also juicy, but… could have been juicier!

These fried prawn dumplings are amazing! Jason ordered these, and it was the first time I tried these. I know I’d definitely order these babies again when I’m back.

The steamed pork ribs with yam was flavourful but the pork ribs were again, bland. The mat itself probably wasn’t marinated. The phoenix claw (chicken feet) on the other hand was yum!

We also had the egg tart and custard bun which did not satisfy us. Although the egg tart was silky smooth it lacked flavour. The custard bun was no where comparable to Grand Imperial at Plaza Damas.

Well though this last visit I had was not a good experience, the few times that I’ve eaten here, food has been pretty good.

Grand Palace Pavilion,
Lot 6.39.00, Level Six,
No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
03 2143 1128


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