Sun Sea Restaurant, 山海茶餐室, OUG

Alfred asked me if I liked pork noodles. Did he really needed to ask me that? Of course I do! I love it with all my porky heart :p

This place is so packed during lunch time all thanks to the crowd drawn by this pork noodle stall. Every table that I walked past had at least a bowl of this delicious babiness. What makes it unique is the addition of seafood into the soup broth. It results to a flavourful and naturally sweet soup that is different from any normal pork noodle store.

Oh, and they also have those chu yao chas (deep fried pork fats) floating around the soup too!



He said people usually get the soup noodles but I prefer having my noodles dry with the hak si yau (dark soy sauce). Soup-based noodles just makes me feel like I’m having sick food!

Sun Sea Restaurant
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Taman Overseas Union (OUG)


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