Shanghai: Tori Yasu

Tori Yasu (Niao An)
890 Changning Lu,
near Huichuan Lu (entrance)

I’m finally in Shanghai!

It’s been 3 years since I’ve last set foot here. Well, it doesn’t look like it has changed much. Atleast everything still looks familiar!

I’ve basically spent the whole day yesterday sitting on my bum. Flight was delayed while we were all seated inside. Managed to reach Shanghai after 6 hours on the plane (it was torturous) and then another hour in the car. My butt hurts from sitting too much. Soooo can you tell how fun it was spending a whole day travelling instead of eating?

Thank god dad salvaged my day by bringing me to Tori Yasu for some yakitori.


Felt like Alice in Wonderland as I was entering the door. It was really tiny and short. You gotta watch out for your head!

Very good yakitori chef on duty


Dad ordered this sourish drink for me, claims that it’s like a yogurt mix. Pretty refreshing.


Got my hands on these grilled chicken skin. They were to die for! Absolutely delicious. I could have 10 of these and not get sick of them. Someone’s arteries were cringing when I told him I was having these.


Ox Tongue


This is my first time having chicken heart. It tastes a little bloody and has a very slight chewiness to it. I loved it! I shall be the innards queen of oinks, moos and cuckoos.


Gotta have shishamos… I love these pregnant fishies.


Grilled chicken wings


Grilled rice


Ribs! It was juicy and succulent but a little too salty! Dad says it’s usually perfect, they were a little heavy handed on salt today.


Ramen with pork bone broth. Springy ramen with flavourful broth that has just the right amount of oil to allow us to chuck down the soup!

The bill came up to about RMB250 for the both of us. I thought that it was pretty alright for the amount of food that we had.

How come we don’t get good stufflike this in KL ;(


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