Hanazen, Jaya One

We love going to Hanazen on Tuesdays or Fridays cause that’s when their supply of awesome Japanese ingredients arrives. If you’re up for some omakase, grab a spot at the sushi table, let the chef know how much you’re willing to spend & he’ll work his magic 😉

 Sometimes when we’re not adventurous, we usually just go for the chef’s special sushi moriwase. The spread and quality of this is value for money.

Other times, I’ve had the grilled tuna eye.. It was as huge as the size of my fist before it was grilled! Check out that pearly white eyeball 😋


We were once served cold white corn as an appetizer and thought what’s so special about having corn? Upon our first bite, we knew we were so wrong to undermine it.. It was sweet and juicy like you’re having a dessert. My words won’t do the corn justice, you’ll have to try it out for yourself!


And when you have the mood to splurge or an occasion to celebrate, the Yonezawa beef is also available here. Apparently only a handful of places in Kl sell them. 

It was also my first time trying the Kinki fish! There’s so many more things left to try in Hanazen. 

Every trip is a delight for both Y and I because even a tomato can taste unique & a grape tastes like a grape :p


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