Way Modern Chinois
G-01 Work@Clearwater,
Jalan Changkat Semantan,
Damansara Heights

Lunch : 12.00 – 3.00pm
Dinner : 6.00 – 10.30pm

Y is off to Germany for two weeks, and here I am sitting alone at home watching flashes of lightning. Alone.

I guess I need to learn how to enjoy some quiet me time and be more independent.

Before Y left for Germany, I thought it’d be nice to have some real good Chinese food so that he won’t miss it too much when he’s over there. Checked out a couple of nice ones on the web and thought that Way Modern Chinoise might just fit the bill. We had high hopes for the place and left with our tummies happy & satisfied.


IMG_4295 IMG_4276 IMG_4275 IMG_4274

The roast duck is amazing! It was such a shame that the truffle duck had to be pre ordered the day before and there were only 2 of us (that portion could easily feed 5), so we could only drool at the other table having it 😦

We also had the crab roe fried rice, dragon leaf and the pomelo sago dessert. Wish they had the durian pancake available that day, I didn’t like my sago dessert. All in all, we both fell in love with the service, ambience and the food! Can’t wait to return for the truffle duck, I just hope it tastes as yummy as it sounds – truffle infused double roasted duck, topped with truffle slices!

Visit them at

I had bad cravings for pizza, Jason wanted to have pasta and Alfred just wanted to have something creamy (?!) haha. So I suggested La Risata since they are one of the best Italian restaurants in KL and it’s been ages since I last went. The place has been transformed from it’s old style restaurant to a much more modern and hip place. Totally loving the reno that they’ve done for the place. I saw lots of happy diners enjoying their food and acknowledging nods here and there. Looks like I wasn’t the only one 😉 Freddy even said that he’d gladly bring his parents here for dinner!

Antipasti Misti, RM 42

For starters, we had the Antipasti Misti to share. The portion is recommended for 2 to 4 person but I thought 3 was perfect. 2 would have been a little too much to stomach though. It has beef carpaccio, grilled mushrooms, squid rings & chicken liver pate. The beef carpaccio was excellent, if you’re planning to skip this platter, I would highly recommend for you to get this as your starter. Also if you’re a big fan of chicken liver pate, you’re gonna loveeeee theirs!

Pizza Margherita, RM 22

Lamb Sausage Chorizo Pizza, RM 28

We also ordered the Margherita pizza & Chorizo pizza. Obviously we got the Margherita cause that’s the pizza that I always go for whenever I’m having Italian. Boys obviously love their meats and could never live with just the plain old tomato ones… so we had to order a chorizo one as well, which I do not like cause it has capsicums, olives and heaps of chili flakes ;( I love the pizzas here, and they’re wood fired ones from their in house oven!

Spaghetti Con Arragosta, RM 38

We then had the spaghetti to finish off, but nobody wanted to please Alfred’s choice of creamy-based pasta so we ordered the lobster spaghetti while he was busy chattering away..

All in all it was a good meal. If you’re ever craving Italian, you know where to go 🙂 They have two branches, one at Jalan Ampang & the other at Damansara Heights. The one that I went to was the one at Damansara Heights cause it’s nearer to my place. It is at the back row, just behind OCBC bank & Victoria Station.

Opening Hours:
Lunch : 12.00pm-2.30pm
Dinner : 6.30pm-10.30pm

La Risata
128 Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara
03 2095 9572