Woohoo, I now have a dessert spot to pig out after my yoga sessions! 

 Wild Sheep Chase is a Taiwanese dessert cafe that uses only the finest ingredients for their desserts. Think kampung eggs and real vanilla pods for their soufflés as well as three types of chocolate for their devilish molten chocolate cake… Yum! 

Ps: their earl grey milk tea is super good!


I like the simple and minimalistic design of the place. Plenty of sunlight makes WSC a good spot for Instagram worthy shots 😉 

What are some of your favourite cafes in KL?

Twelve Cups
12, The Whiteaways Arcade,
Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Penang.
+604 262 6812
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am-12 midnight

If you’re looking for good coffee in Penang, here’s the place you definitely wouldn’t wanna miss.

twelve cups penang

twelve cups penang

twelve cups penang

Nestled amongst the banking giants lies Twelve Cups.

twelve cups penang

A sip of their coffee and I was hooked! The latte I had was made with their in house roasted blend, which was fantastic. It was very aromatic and has got a good punch of acidity to it.

twelve cups penang

They have a wide variety of Mille Crepes here for you to choose from, almost like stepping in to a Nadeje store! Be sure to get their best seller Hokkaido Milk Choc Mille Crepe to go with your cuppa! And I got a cute little Snoopy with my cake…wouldn’t mind a Hello Kitty on my next visit :p

Honeymoon Dessert
3431 Cloud Nine Shopping Mall,
1018 Changning Road,


Dad introduced me to this when we were at Honeymoon Dessert. It’s called Shuang Pi Nai (双皮奶) in Mandarin, which literally translates to Double-Skin Milk. According to dad, it’s a staple dessert in our ancestor’s home in Shun De, a district in Guangdong.

It’s almost akin to eating tau fu fah that has a smooth and custard-like texture.

Who knew that you could make such a delicious dessert plainly with milk, egg white, sugar and of course some nut toppings to give it a crunch.


If you’re looking for the best macarons in Melbourne, this is where you’ll find them! I’ve tried Pierre Herme back when I was in Paris and I’d have to say that the quality of the macarons here are comparable to those of Pierre Herme’s!


Sweetness and texture is always consistent every single time I take a bite into these little babies. One year later and it is still exactly like how I remembered them to be.




20121203-230942.jpgMy favourite flavour has got to be the chocolate one made with 72% cocoa! Other than that, I also absolutely adore the salted caramel, hazelnut and raspberry ones!

La Belle Miette
30 Hardware Lane,
Melbourne CBD.
03 9024 4528
La Belle Miette on Urbanspoon

Since all my previous posts have gone missing (cause I accidentally did something stupid and I don’t know how to fix it back), I thought it will only be fair if I repost a post about my favourite tea time snack from Sandakan.


UFO tart is only available in Sandakan and the name might spark a few curiosities from tourists like me! It’s other name is also called ngau si dui meaning cow dung in English!

It has got a cake base, topped with meringue and filled with some custard. Don’t be fooled by its look or name, it is actually really yummy!


20121030-001757.jpgThe only place I’ve tried it is from Dragon Restaurant in Prima Square. This place also has the best egg tart ever. It is Jose’s favourite egg tart stall and we’d always go there after a lunch to get our cravings fixed. Love the buttery crust and silky smooth egg custard!

If you have plenty of time to spare, order a drink and wait till the have a fresh batch of egg tart popping out from the oven. It’s best to enjoy these egg tarts when they’re piping hot!


There’s this place that Kenneth & Yilin always frequent to for their ice cream fix. AS you can probably already tell, I always get these “food envy” whenever I’m on Instagram. Especially from the Singaporeans, because they have food similar to the ones back in Melbourne and the quality is almost always good. So…. I made Kenneth bring me to this place for dessert! Plus it’s really near the hotel I was staying (Oasia Hotel was totally awesome and has the nicest bathroom ever!).

Kenneth and I ready to dig into our waffles!

As much as I love my potongs and Magnums, I also love artisan ice creams. You know the ones that have no preservatives & artificial sweeteners in them and are only made with natural ingredients? Yeah, like the ones here.

Obviously walking into an ice cream shop called Salted Caramel, I had to opt for that flavour right? IT was delicious! In all seriousness, my face actually lighted up upon my first spoonful. They’ve got just the right balance of saltiness & sweetness.

We also had the horlicks & tim tam (one flavour) together with rum and raisins to go with the waffle as well. For $10.50, I thought it was pretty worth the price if we think about it in the dollar to dollar manner. Delicious waffle topped with homemade ice cream, it was the perfect dessert for me 🙂

Opening hours:
SUN – THU : 1200-2300
EVE OF PH, FRI & SAT : 1200 – 0200

Salted Caramel
246F Upper Thomson Road

I first stumbled onto photos of Kki’s desserts when I was playing around with Instagram. I thought their desserts looked really appealing and made a bookmark of the place on my google maps just in case I ever drop by Singapore. That was sometime in August. Imagine how ecstatic I was to be able to visit this place and sample their amazingly pretty desserts!

They’ve got about 10 desserts for you to choose from. They may look petite, but don’t be deceived by the looks of it. The portion is actually just nice to fill you up! Btw, Kki only sells desserts so be sure to grab some lunch beforehand and leave enough space for some tea/coffee & desserts.

Me doing my thing

The Little Red Riding Hood is actually chocolate mousse with raspberry filling and finished off with chocolate glaze. I was attracted to its glossy chocolate exterior. It just looked so exquisite! This is actually pretty rich and dark. I couldn’t stomach this thing myself, so I would suggest it’s best to actually share this and get something light to go with it…. which was exactly what we did!

Kinabaru: This was our favourite out of the three that we’ve ordered! It’s coconut mousse with passionfruit layer. The lady told us that the coconut milk that they use for the mousse is actually the pure type, not the canned ones. I love the combination of flavours and layers! It’s ingenious!

Matcha souffle: The texture of this cake is rather unique! It’s soft but dense at the same time. Like a cross between a souffle and a cake. We liked this but thought it wasn’t as spectacular as the other cakes.

The happy me! On a side note, the angle makes my arm looks fat ;(

Well, Kki I hope you could open up a shop here in KL, or I’ll just have to wait till my next visit to try out the rest of your pretty desserts ;(

If any of you that’s reading are from Singapore or are planning to head to Singapore, please mark this place down for some sweet Japanese treat!

Here’s their opening hours:
Tue–Sat: 12pm – 7pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm
(Closed on Mon)

7 Ann Siang Hill,