Hi guys, I just bought myself the new iPad and I’m blogging from it now!

Namoo on the park is a rather quaint Korean cafe located in Publika. The prices here are a little steep considering the ingredients and portion of the food.
I had the beef bulgogi with rice for RM 19.90. The thinly sliced beef was cooked in a delicious teriyaki-like sauce. It was good but it feels jelak after a while because the sweetness kinda overpowers the dish.

Though i dislike pickled stuff, this pickled zucchini that came as a side went really well with the dish!

LF had the seafood garden noodles. It was simple and comforting for a rainy day but I reckon that the price does not fit the dish. It was simply mee sua in anchovy broth with some prawns. If I was not mistaken it was RM 16.50 for this.

This sweet potato cake is delicious. It was like a cheesecake made with sweet potato. Very rich and unique! Would definitely recommend this cake to anyone. Previously Alfred had tried the carrot cake, and I too sampled a little and it was horrid. It was dry and hard, not at all crumbly like a cake should be. Nonetheless he was too polite to send it back ;(

Namoo on the park
4A, Level G3 (above MPH Bookstore),
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
03 6411 6698