If there’s one place that you should never miss out in Kuching, it has got to be this.

Seng Kee at Carpenter street. It’s not that difficult to get here. Just hop on a taxi and let the driver know that you wanna head to Carpenter street, have a meal at this kopitiam opposite the temple. I’m sure he’ll know just where you needed to be 😉

For starters, this place is famous for its kueh chap (mixed pork parts in herby broth) but we were unlucky on both days. First visit, they sold out. Second, they weren’t open. Tough luck.

Then, you must have the fish balls with rice vermicelli in clear broth. The fish balls are amazing! Packed with enough “bounciness” heh. I’m not usually a fan of fish balls, but when I do have them, they have to be good!

Tender satay babi (pork satay)! Different from the Malaccan style. I actually prefer this version to the Malaccan one. It is less fattier but still flavourful and tender. Topped with awesome satay sauce!

Soup with Rice

Red Kolo Mee

Prawn mee 

After all that, you then order from the kolo mee aunty. We’ve sampled three types of dishes from her stall, and found them all to be delicious! Though the best one would be the red kolo mee!

If you can still tank more food in your stomach, do walk across to the temple for some pisang goreng! There’s this mini stall that sells them pisang, keladi and sweet potato (purple ones!!!) but they’re pretty pricey. RM0.50 for a piece but it was definitely worth it! If I’m not mistaken, the uncle uses the pisang tanduk variety. My family loved it so much that we tapaoed RM 20 worth!

Seng Kee Coffee Stall,
Carpenter Street (Carpenter street entrance nearest to UOB bank),