One Utama

Ichiro Sushi Bar
2nd Floor
Eat Paradise
Isetan 1 Utama
Tel: 03-7726 5899
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time finding good meals in shopping malls. Malls usually have like a hundred food restaurants, but I can only find that one or two satisfies my tummy. Whenever I’m in One Utama, I dread thinking of where to eat. So, these are the times where my friends come in handy! They usually just do the thinking for me. Now you know what friends are for 😉

So Krystle and En Tzer has been talking about this sushi bar, ICHIRO, for ages, and we’ve only managed to try it out last week. Pretty surprised that the crowd is lacking given that the seafood cuts there were pretty fresh and prices were reasonable.

IMG_8722Ipad ordering system. Like how they show pictures so that you’d know what to expect from those whacky sushi names.


Their signature Ichiroll, RM 35


Horse Mackarel (RM 12 for singles, RM 22 for pairs)


Prawn Tempura Roll (RM 15)


Squid (RM 7 for single, RM 12 for pairs)


Salmon (RM 7 for singles, RM 12 for pairs)


Tsubugai (RM 16 single, RM 28 for pairs)

Tsubugai is whelk which is like a sea snail. It’s slightly crunchy and has a natural sweetness to it. I’ve never seen this on a menu before!


Wild Shimaaji (RM 10 for singles, RM 18 for pairs)

Also heard that they’ve got pretty cheap lunch deals. Too bad I won’t be wondering around One Utama during lunch hours.

**The only thing that bugged us was that they did not charge us a flat per piece price when we ordered sets of three. As you can see it’s clearly cheaper when you order in pairs. So how they charged us on our bill was a pair and a single so it’s like (RM 18+RM 10) for three wild shimaaji sushis when it could have been RM 9 x 3.