Since all my previous posts have gone missing (cause I accidentally did something stupid and I don’t know how to fix it back), I thought it will only be fair if I repost a post about my favourite tea time snack from Sandakan.


UFO tart is only available in Sandakan and the name might spark a few curiosities from tourists like me! It’s other name is also called ngau si dui meaning cow dung in English!

It has got a cake base, topped with meringue and filled with some custard. Don’t be fooled by its look or name, it is actually really yummy!


20121030-001757.jpgThe only place I’ve tried it is from Dragon Restaurant in Prima Square. This place also has the best egg tart ever. It is Jose’s favourite egg tart stall and we’d always go there after a lunch to get our cravings fixed. Love the buttery crust and silky smooth egg custard!

If you have plenty of time to spare, order a drink and wait till the have a fresh batch of egg tart popping out from the oven. It’s best to enjoy these egg tarts when they’re piping hot!