There’s this place that Kenneth & Yilin always frequent to for their ice cream fix. AS you can probably already tell, I always get these “food envy” whenever I’m on Instagram. Especially from the Singaporeans, because they have food similar to the ones back in Melbourne and the quality is almost always good. So…. I made Kenneth bring me to this place for dessert! Plus it’s really near the hotel I was staying (Oasia Hotel was totally awesome and has the nicest bathroom ever!).

Kenneth and I ready to dig into our waffles!

As much as I love my potongs and Magnums, I also love artisan ice creams. You know the ones that have no preservatives & artificial sweeteners in them and are only made with natural ingredients? Yeah, like the ones here.

Obviously walking into an ice cream shop called Salted Caramel, I had to opt for that flavour right? IT was delicious! In all seriousness, my face actually lighted up upon my first spoonful. They’ve got just the right balance of saltiness & sweetness.

We also had the horlicks & tim tam (one flavour) together with rum and raisins to go with the waffle as well. For $10.50, I thought it was pretty worth the price if we think about it in the dollar to dollar manner. Delicious waffle topped with homemade ice cream, it was the perfect dessert for me 🙂

Opening hours:
SUN – THU : 1200-2300
EVE OF PH, FRI & SAT : 1200 – 0200

Salted Caramel
246F Upper Thomson Road


I first stumbled onto photos of Kki’s desserts when I was playing around with Instagram. I thought their desserts looked really appealing and made a bookmark of the place on my google maps just in case I ever drop by Singapore. That was sometime in August. Imagine how ecstatic I was to be able to visit this place and sample their amazingly pretty desserts!

They’ve got about 10 desserts for you to choose from. They may look petite, but don’t be deceived by the looks of it. The portion is actually just nice to fill you up! Btw, Kki only sells desserts so be sure to grab some lunch beforehand and leave enough space for some tea/coffee & desserts.

Me doing my thing

The Little Red Riding Hood is actually chocolate mousse with raspberry filling and finished off with chocolate glaze. I was attracted to its glossy chocolate exterior. It just looked so exquisite! This is actually pretty rich and dark. I couldn’t stomach this thing myself, so I would suggest it’s best to actually share this and get something light to go with it…. which was exactly what we did!

Kinabaru: This was our favourite out of the three that we’ve ordered! It’s coconut mousse with passionfruit layer. The lady told us that the coconut milk that they use for the mousse is actually the pure type, not the canned ones. I love the combination of flavours and layers! It’s ingenious!

Matcha souffle: The texture of this cake is rather unique! It’s soft but dense at the same time. Like a cross between a souffle and a cake. We liked this but thought it wasn’t as spectacular as the other cakes.

The happy me! On a side note, the angle makes my arm looks fat ;(

Well, Kki I hope you could open up a shop here in KL, or I’ll just have to wait till my next visit to try out the rest of your pretty desserts ;(

If any of you that’s reading are from Singapore or are planning to head to Singapore, please mark this place down for some sweet Japanese treat!

Here’s their opening hours:
Tue–Sat: 12pm – 7pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm
(Closed on Mon)

7 Ann Siang Hill,

Prem suggested for us to do something a little different besides our usual restaurant or shop hopping… so I logged on to Tripadvisor and tried to pick out the top attractions in Singapore. I was caught between the Botanical Gardens and Gardens by the Bay. Alas, we decided on the bay because it was indoors :p

There were several areas to this place but we opted for the Flower and Cloud Dome. Entrance fees for both domes were $18 (local) and $28 (foreigner). Well worth it!

I’ll just share with you guys some of the pictures that I’ve taken with my iPhone!

These supertrees are not just there to look pretty, they are actually used to collect rainwater, generate solar power and act as venting ducts for the two domes.

Prem & I

I was very happy with my choice because coincidentally, Gardens by the Bay was crowned World’s Building of the Year in the recent World Architecture Festival. I like how the building is cooled naturally! At first I thought it was air-conditioned, but as we ventured further, they explained their cooling method for the building! How environmental-friendly!

I’ve seen photos of the place at night and they are spectacular! If you have a few days to spare in Singapore, you should check this place out day and night to experience the difference! I know I’d do that for sure 🙂

I was in Singapore last week to celebrate dad’s early birthday. A friend of mine tweeted me that my dad was down for a plant visit. So I called dad up immediately to ask if he wanted my company and he said okay! It was his birthday that weekend but he’d be back to Shanghai by then. We baked him a cake! Probably his earliest birthday cake ever, but I hoped he enjoyed the surprise as I’ve not done anything for dad’s birthday in the longest time.

So when dad was busy going to work and attending dinners, I was left alone to make my plans. Called up all my friends and they were free to layan me! It felt so good to reunite with my Melbourne friends, catch up with Jose’s best buds (Hendro & Stef) and feast on all the delicious stuff that I couldn’t find in Malaysia.

I’ve also checked out the Gardens by the Bay! As much as I would love to share with you the pictures of it now, I thought it would be better to save it for later as I want to share with you the perfectly done scrambled eggsthat I’ve had at Club Street Social!

On my last lunch of the trip, I was ecstatic to have the company of Dro & Stef as it’s been a year since we last met. I still reminisce about the awesome Kapalai trip that we were on together! I’m so glad that we agreed to meet at Club Street Social, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to taste this amazing scrambled eggs!

Totally awesome scrambled eggs with fontina + smokey-eyed bacon!

We also got the cured ham platter to share. They gave us the blue cheese as well but I guess neither one of us was a big fan of that. I love, love, loved the ham! Couldn’t quite figure out what those thinly shredded cheese was though.

The duck confit panini was pretty dry so I wouldn’t recommend you to try that.

I’m not too sure if CSS serves all-day breakfast (though it only has about 5 items), but we were there around 12 and it was still on the menu! If you’re ever in Singapore and you’re a fan of scrambled eggs, this is the place to get your fix!

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill Lane,
+65 6225 5043